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EZplayer pro 1.2

It is a MIDI organizer, multi track arranger and format conversion tool
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EZplayer pro 1.0 is a multi track MIDI organizer, arranger and format conversion tool between mapping formats.
The software has a MIDI engine available as a plug-in from the host that lets the user organize and preview the entire MIDI on the hard drive with the sampler of any choice. The MIDI libraries can be imported by using the add path menu or by dragging the folders in the interface window. The program has Multi track arranging capabilities which helps to sequence, edit and fuse the MIDI into new arrangements to save back into the EZplayer pro or to drag and drop into the host for use in new compositions. It works with most of the major host applications. The software has a support for any GM compliant software and hardware samplers as well as virtually all leading drum samplers. All common time signatures internally are supported along with a sync ability to host tempo and signature. Percussive MIDI files can be split into kit pieces. The pieces can be later combined from one file with instruments from another to create new beats. The user could adjust velocity, lengths or transpose single clips or entire tracks to create more dynamics in your grooves.

The software helps the user to arrange, organize as well as convert MIDI clips directly in a single browser.

Luis Sanchez
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  • All the sequences and actions take place in a single browser


  • MIDI can't be manually edited
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